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So happy you stopped in, I'm Domi and I cannot wait to create memories  and unfold your story together! The first question I usually get is "Who is K. Elizabeth?" That would be the cutie in my arms to the left! My daughter Kali is my favorite muse. When I found out I was having a little girl, I decided to rebrand and build her a legacy. Every now and then she will appear with me on a creative session, she loves getting behind the scene shots and seeing mama at work!

I love getting to know each of your personal stories and help document them throughout your lifetime. From your engagements to wedding day, anniversaries to maternities, plus your growing family's milestones for years to come! I want to be apart of all of it and help you document it! I specialize in family moments.  For me, I personally do not have any professional  family photos with my entire family after the age of 6 or 7 so having the opportunity to create these for and with you is very special to me! We will have so much fun making memories and incorporating each family member's personalities together. I'll help guide you on locations, outfits, time of day and take the time to ensure our time together results in cherished memories. Afterwards, I'll sit down with you, help you pick the shots you'll showcase in your home with our quality artwork and keepsake products! Each year as I grow with you I am also investing in my business by extending my creative knowledge through classes, courses, and training to bring in fresh ideas and poses to each setting. I can't wait to meet you and talk about your vision and hear your story! 

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My Story

Photography has always been a part of my life. I can't remember not having a camera of some sort throughout my life, in fact, I used to tell people I collect photos (that was actually an essay I turned in once) and just like you, I have lost some precious family members in my life leaving all we have left are photos of them. Families move, break up, blend together,  get older, get sick, grow apart, pass away. Life can change on us instantly. There's an entire generation right now whose whole life is living only in a  digital world and not printed and displayed on their walls at home. That's where I come in. I began part-time professional photography in 2014, and became full time in 2020.

        I love that I have this opportunity to express my creativity doing what I am most passionate about. What makes me different from other photographers, is my quick wit, and ability to have fun in any setting or situation! I love interacting with and capturing the likes of kids and high school seniors, and will always aim to bring out natural laughs and smiles during our session together so their milestones are documented as true to them as possible all while instilling confidence and self empowerment, which is so important to our younger generation to gain! 


      When I'm not behind my lens, you can usually find me out and about with my daughter, exploring, doing fun/crazy adventures, cooking, hanging out at local breweries, eating tacos, drinking coffee, traveling, getting lost in the mountains (ah, my true happy place) or curled up in my reading chair with a cup of cinnamon tea reading a great suspense novel. I am an introvert through and through, while I LOVE talking and getting to know everybody and exploring, my alone time curled up with a good book or on a walk with the dog, is definitely how I re-charge.  I'm always up for an adventure- your adventure- the one of your story! Let's make memories together!

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I  can't wait to tell your story! 


Be sure to ask me for a link to my sample gallery with more of my artwork